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Brian Mc Knight, Brandy aka B-Rocka aka Bran Nu', Whitney Houston, BB King, Diddy, Miles Davis, Michael Jackson, Prince and some classic rock

My Name is Richard Rutledge. My nick Name is Jay because I am a Jr. and my middle name is Vine. Yes, Vine. So, I like to be called JayVine. Music to me is when you push and you have the capacity to really question emotions and authority eloquently via music. I have been writing since I was 16 yrs old and I knew how to formulate music and make it not so much about sex, but about emotions and dealing with your own personal inner feelings. I love R&B and I love Rock. Pop music is great because it starts a new trend and I feel like a lot of R&B music lost its trend to sex and poppy cool lyrics. I am not knocking anyone, but its hard not to be honest with where you come from with music as an artist that really allows you to stand apart. You Can Find me @TheVineEra on YouTube and Twitter. I have gotten back on track just recently. This site inspires me. To hear what people have to say inspires me. Thanks for Reading. I promise to update Periodically.... JayVine1983 "a work in progress is work"

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    shane over 6 years ago.

    sounds very good man! can definitely tell Brandy and B. Mcknight are influences!

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    JayVine1983 over 7 years ago.

    That is amazing! I find it so addicting and my creative juices are flowing. Let me know what you think of Where are we now? I don't think there is anything out like it right now.... I could really use the full track :)

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    shane over 7 years ago.

    i founded the site and we are always excited to help push new talent. whenever you have a song, you are very stoked about, just lmk ;)

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    JayVine1983 over 7 years ago.

    Track to Push to the masses? Story on me? hmmm..intrigued much...loving this dialog

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