About Us

About Us

Mysongtoyou.com is a community
of people who Love music.

Here anyone can make music, discover music, express yourself, be seen, be heard and have fun, whether you make a song for yourself or for the world to hear, we give you the professional music, tools and platform to make your art come to life! Nothing required except the love of music!

So sing, rap, make your poetry move or just want to talk on top of a beat, hum anything, freestyle, record a conversation you are having and put it on top of music. You’ll be amazed how cool the simplest things sound! The point is, EVERYTHING sounds better with music behind it!

Whether you aspire to be the next big thing, or it's just you doing your thing to share with your friends and family, the Mysongtoyou.com community has something for everyone.

At Mysongtoyou.com your experience is completely tailored to what YOU want!

I’m Shane, Founder of Mysongtoyou.com. I created the website with the intention of giving everyone a voice and place to express themselves. When I first got into music I had no training, no skill, no talent, just a will and desire to make music. It probably took me longer than it will take most of you, but after awhile I worked with the best of the best, the pioneers and toured the world with my music. So whether you want to tell someone you love them or tell the world to love you and your music, Mysongtoyou.com can help take that dream and turn it into a reality.

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